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May 1-3, 2020 
Chicago, IL, USA
This international conference will offer scholars, writers, mothers, artists, and more a venue to explore the critical issue of motherhood empowerment. In nearly every country around the world, mothers are revered for their life-giving and care-giving abilities, but that does not always mean they are respected.  

While mothers are often the caregivers of others, who cares about mothers and the work that they do? Do people (including ourselves as mothers), communities, businesses, governments, and other entities empower, or fail to empower, mothers? What ideologies, cultural practices, work habits, government policies, and family dynamics require deeper analysis and why? What might the impact of change look like and how might this be important? Who would be impacted? How do race, class, gender, sexuality, single motherhood, religious beliefs, citizenship, and ableism (among other factors and markers) shape this empowerment, or lack thereof?  

Often women’s caregiving skills are dismissed as essential traits that do not need to be compensated. What are the harms of essentialism in this framework? Are there any benefits? How does ‘choice feminism’ shape the ways that we talk about motherhood? How does outsourced care and paid carework alter the ways that we think about caregiving? How might trickle-down feminism come into play when women outsource childcare and what might the alternatives be? In what ways might capitalism and the changes therein (e.g., austerity measures, universal income, the gig economy, national childcare, etc.) help or hinder women individually or as a group based on sociological markers?

This conference will explore the ways that mothers care for others, the importance of supporting carework, and the feminism that informs both. We hope you can join us! Confirm your interest by clicking the Pre-Registration button!
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