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Here at IAMAS, we want to include ALL moms in the work of re-forming motherhood. In order to do that, we need your help.
Donations to IAMAS help women who could use a bit of extra financial support so they can join our organization, attend our annual conferences, and generally be part of the conversations that often marginalize the very mothers that must be heard and benefit the most from pro-social change.
While $10 might not seem like a huge ask, just a few people contributing $10 can be the difference between someone becoming a member or being able to share their knowledge at a conference.

Let’s work together so all moms can have a seat at the table.
Donation Opportunities: 
  •  $10
  •  $25
  •  $50
  •  $100
  •  $250
If you're interested in donating a larger dollar amount or would like to get involved in additional volunteer opportunities, please email
If you need help, please contact us at: